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Videorips from T&T concert with Kisumai + A.B.C.

Since I've converted the whole thing from .vob to .avi for je_uploads I figured I could
also videorip the perfs which included my favourite juniorgroups <3 Uploaded to MU & MF

I know this includes debuted groups but I guessed some people don't want to download
the whole DVD for some clips of Jrs, so I hope this is OK anyway... If not, please delete.

A.B.C. is included in "Kimagure JET" & "Kamira Tamara"
Kisumai is included in the above performaces as well as "Sadame"
Goseki Koichi + Fujigaya Taisuke are the only ones in "Do Me Crazy"


Takizawa Hideaki - Kimagure JET   |  MU  |  MF  |
This perf includes all members of A.B.C. and Kisumai + some other Jrs..

I'm sorry the sound is off, but it was that way in the original file as well, and I don't know how to fix it...

Tackey & Tsubasa - Kamira Tamara  |  MU  |  MF  |
Includes A.B.C. and Kisumai

Tsubasa Imai - Do Me Crazy  |  MU  |  MF  |
Includes Fujigaya Taisuke & Goseki Koichi

Takizawa Hideaki - Sadame  |  MU  |  MF  |
Includes all Kisumai except Senga Kento

If you want the whole DVD go HERE for Disc 1 and HERE for disc 2. Disc 3 will be uploaded in a weeks time.
You will have to join 

je_uploads to be able to download the files~


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