April 26th, 2006

Kim Jongwoon ♥

Boys! Be Ambitious!

Welcome to Ambitious Boys @ LiveJournal, the Johnny's Jr first community! 


If you like them or wanna know them more, feel free to join the community! :D


01. ♪ Love any Johnny's Jr group.
02. ♪ No bashing or flaming. Bash&flame and die, k?
03. ♪ Use LJ cut. The members, the mods and the layout will be glad.
04. ♪ Use tags. Yeah, just use them. Look in the list of tags and select the one you need.
05. ♪ Name your post. Anything is fine.
06. ♪ When taking something, graphics, icons, layout codes, scans, please thank the person who shared his/her stuffs. It's nice. Always credit if the person asked for credits. Do not steal anything.
07. ♪ Friends-locked downloads and scans. Icons & others too if you want.
08. ♪ Advertissing is ok. But don't spam.
09. ♪ If any of the rules below aren't respected, you'll be banned.
10. ♪ Finally, have fun?



People has been posting alot of fanfictions recently. I like fanfictions, I don't have anything against them but I'm kinda against Johnny's Junior BL stories. Seriously. Who would write NC-17 rated story with two 12 years old boys. Who.



You have any Johnny's Jr or Johnny's community and wanna be affiliate? No problem! Comment & I'll add you. :D