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I have some things to sell...
follow me:

So I'm from Belgium so it's EUR
I accept : 
- EUR cash (to your own risk)
- Credit transfert (if foreign currency, changing tax for you too).
the shipping price can be find here under if you don't trust what I will tell you when you ordered XD
Click HERE to visit the page of the calculator from Belgian post ^^
Price are out of shipping.
for photo and keyrings after 10 EUR it's free shipping


Here it's the two Kisumai Uchiwa
but Hiro's uchiwa is reserved by Rakiu_desu  

Taisuke's uchiwa

The price is 20 EUR

Kanjani 8
those one are more expensive because we bought it extremly expensive (around 30 and 35 Eur each) in a shop in Harajuku
Yokoyama Yu

Murakami Shingo

Prices: 25 EUR.


So here are some photo Papa, official and SP sell only in Thailand (got it thanks to a friend) of thai pop concert something like that (the format of those last are like the true photos not like JE size)


S3: A, C & D reserved by Rakiu_desu


Prices for each:
Official 3 EUR
Thailand: 3 EUR
For abcangels's one it's 3 EUR for each.


Various thinks like this:
Price 3 EUR
and a Teppei calendar 2007 buy in Asakusa (famous temples) 
Prices: 3 EUR

(More here... CDs, mags and others)

good watching ^^

I have also many poster, pinup and cliping from old magazins if you have any requests tell me ;D

jya ne~

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