Hello, I'm planning to shut down JE News Daily
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Hello Johnny’s fans!

A friend of mine needs your help!

She is writing her bachelor essay about Johnny’s Entertainment and its international fans! You would do her a BIG favor, if you do this little survey for her. It doesn’t take much time and it is fun, too!


If you have friends, which are interested in this survey, please feel free to give the link to them, too!

The results will be posted on tumblr ( in about a month!

Thanks for your help :D
だいすけ ♥ 

Johnny's Juniors - Potato November 2012

Translation. Bakaleya-gumi (Tanaka Juri x Morimoto Shintarou x Kouchi Yuugo x Lewis Jesse x Kyoumoto Taiga x Matsumura Hokuto). The theme is secret, so they each reveal a secret of another member and talk about secrets of their own. All of them talked a bit about their own SUMMARY shows as well.

( During SUMMARY, the zipper of my pants broke and since it couldn’t be helped, I went out onto the stage with my zipper fully open. )