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25th-Sep-2013 03:37 am - HELP!
Hello, I'm planning to shut down JE News Daily
If you're interested or know anybody who is, please read THIS

Note: Mods, if this post is not allowed, please erase it and sorry :(
1st-May-2013 12:48 am - HELP PLEASE!!!
Hello Johnny’s fans!

A friend of mine needs your help!

She is writing her bachelor essay about Johnny’s Entertainment and its international fans! You would do her a BIG favor, if you do this little survey for her. It doesn’t take much time and it is fun, too!


If you have friends, which are interested in this survey, please feel free to give the link to them, too!

The results will be posted on tumblr (http://bacheloressay.tumblr.com/) in about a month!

Thanks for your help :D
だいすけ ♥ 
Translation. Bakaleya-gumi (Tanaka Juri x Morimoto Shintarou x Kouchi Yuugo x Lewis Jesse x Kyoumoto Taiga x Matsumura Hokuto). The theme is secret, so they each reveal a secret of another member and talk about secrets of their own. All of them talked a bit about their own SUMMARY shows as well.

( During SUMMARY, the zipper of my pants broke and since it couldn’t be helped, I went out onto the stage with my zipper fully open. )
12th-Oct-2012 10:25 pm - Boo!
JE HSJ & Kis-my-Ft2 & Sexy Zone & A.B.C-Z & Johnny's Juniors & Kansai Juniors MEME

or: do you remember that time we got four consecutive weeks of Shokura?
20th-Jun-2012 01:50 am - We're back! ♥
JE HSJ & Kis-my-Ft2 & Sexy Zone & A.B.C-Z & Johnny's Juniors & Kansai Juniors MEME
or: if another group debuts and I have to put it in the title I'm screwed.

p.s. Feel free to delete if it's not allowed.
18th-May-2012 03:44 am - Johnny's Juniors - Translations
ひろよすけ ♥ ソウル
Hopefully someone should find these useful, especially for those who would like to get to know some Juniors and need a place to start.

The follow are archival lists of translations found on LJ. Some were created a long while ago (but updated every now and then), but the big Juniors one is recently compiled. The MSM one shouldn't be too much different from the one on the MSM comm in terms of links. Just organized differently.

A.B.C. & A.B.C-Z | Johnny' Juniors ~2009 | Johnny's Juniors 2010~ | Mis Snow Man
太ちゃん ♥ かわいい
Scans. KisuMai, A.B.C.-Z, Nozawa Yuuki x Sanada Yuuma, Uchi Hiroki x Question?, Johnny's Juniors (Bakaleya 6, Travis Japan, etc), Sexy Zone, BAD, 7West, Kansai Juniors (Veteran, Ae Shounen, etc), NYC, Seto Kouji, Arai Atsushi, Nishii Yukito, Miura Shouhei, Irie Jingi, Kiriyama Ren, Hongo Kanata, Takeda Kouhei, KisuMai, Sexy Zone, and Kansai Juniors concert reports, Takizawa Kabuki and T&T 10th anniversary event reports, drama reports, and miscellaneous pages such as serials/columns and off-shots. 300dpi.

( Here you go~ )
6th-May-2012 03:49 pm - Bad news
Fukka Kakumei
I don't have any real confirmation, but it's likely that Otsuka Yuya has left Johnny's today after the last show of Takizawa Kabuki.

HintsCollapse )

Please note that it's not a confirmed news. But you hardly get any confirmed news when a Jr leaves. So I'm just informing everyone about what we know for the moment.
Otsuka will still be in the next SMAPxSMAP 100 Jr episode though.
宮田 ♥ イニシャル
April issue. KisuMai, Yamada Ryousuke x Fujigaya Taisuke x Nakajima Yuuto, ABC-Z, 7West, NYC, Sexy Zone, Endless Shock report, miscellaneous. 300dpi.

( Super late )

May issue. KisuMai, ABC-Z, Nozawa Yuuki x Sanada Yuuma, 7West, Kaneuchi Touma x Mukai Kouji, NYC, Sexy Zone, Imai Tsubasa concert report, Tackey & Tsubasa CM report, Junior Land report, miscellaneous. 300dpi.

( Follow along )
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